Leave it to Weird Al to solve the problems of Western society.

With one song, if we hearkened it's message and took it to heart, he could change the way America and the world looks in no time.

The whole idea behind First World Problems is that we complain about things that really aren't worth complaining about.

'My maid's cleaning the bathrooom, so I can't take a shower.'

If someone is cleaning my bathroom, and I complain about it, please punch me in the face.

What if that we took the opposite of that thought?

'My maid's cleaning the bathroom, allowing me time to be still and clear my mind before I start the day.'

There. That feels better.

I really think the song is brilliant. How many things do we complain about that really are blessings? So many, right?

Louis CK said it perfectly. Nothing will make our fat, lazy asses appreciate the amazing things we have than if they were taken away from us. Maybe we need a decade or so without electricity, the internet and running water. Then we wouldn't bitch when the web page we want to look at won't load immediately. We'd just be glad there was a web page to look at.

Is Weird Al saying we are a bunch of ungrateful brats? Yes. And he's right.

But we can make him wrong by simply being grateful.

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