Big or little, monumental or insignificant, frivolous or serious. Every minute of every hour of every day, our lives are filled with a never-ending stream of choices. How we choose, defines us as people. Who we are today is a product of all of the choices we have made up to this point. Our ‘life DNA’ is made up of a never ending string of ‘forks’ in our road.

Every time we make a choice, our life path is altered. Big choices obviously have a greater impact than the more numerous small ones we make every day. Most of them we don’t even think about. Staying in School vs. Dropping out of School obviously has a greater impact on our lives than Chocolate or Vanilla.

Make no mistake though, each moment is a new fork in the road, and the direction we choose will forever alter our course in life. You can’t go backwards on the path. Choose wisely.