The internet is the wild west of today and it's roped Colorado into something naughty.

I was today years old when...

You've probably seen that phrase on various social media sites and now you'll probably be saying the same after learning that colorado campfire no longer means what it used to.

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Colorado Campfire Has A New Definition

Colorado is a beautiful place to live and explore the great outdoors. If you enjoy camping you've probably even experienced a few great Colorado campfires.

However, after today you may never want to utter the words Colorado campfire again because it has taken on a new NSFW meaning.

People React to Discovering what Colorado Campfire Means

I can't tell you what "Colorado Campfire" means because I have a job to keep, but I can show you others' reactions to finding out the definition.

@iheartpink214#stitch with @_alphamama_ Nasty. #campfire#Google#coloradocampfire#disgusting#whocameupwiththis♬ original sound - Raneé Araby
Same girl, same!

However, some people are going all in and not looking back.

@bigsondo13 #coloradocampfire,#urbandictionary ,#onlinedating,#hindge ♬ original sound - Dave

Ready for more?


♬ original sound - Patrick from Texas

Mother-puff-bucket is right!

@hollysworld247 Reply to @gdddm19 Urban Dictionary strikes again #urbandictionary #coloradocampfire #dontlookup #talent ♬ original sound - Holly

Just plain messed up.

So, is knowledge truly power?

@adayinthelifeofcc #stitch with @_alphamama_ DO NOT GO LOOK IT UP!! 😵‍💫😂 #adayinthelifeofcc #dontdoit


How Colorado DJs Reacted to Colorado Campfire Definition

This is how it happened to Toni Gee.

@toni..gee Just a Colorado DJ trying to find something to talk about #coloradocampfire ♬ original sound - Toni..Gee

She couldn't keep the information to herself so she shared it with Nate Wild.

@toni..gee I had to share the knowledge #coloradocampfire #teachablemoment #radiodj ♬ original sound - Toni..Gee

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