When you spend 36 years working at one job, emotions can run high when you leave for the last time. And that emotion was captured in Estes Park this weekend.

The town of Estes Park is a close knit community where everyone watches over their friends and neighbors throughout the region.

And for 36 years, master police officer Gregg Filsinger has patrolled the streets to make sure the community is safe for everyone that calls it home.

However, emotions ran high over the weekend as Filsinger stepped away from the job that has been his home for over three decades.


Thank you for 36 years of dedicated service to our community. End of watch 4/10/16 Master Police Officer Gregg Filsinger

Posted by Estes Park Police Department on Sunday, April 10, 2016


How much has Filsinger meant to the Estes Park community? Here are just a sampling of the many comments that made it onto the police department Facebook page when the video was posted of Filsinger making his end of watch call:


"It was an honor to serve with such a wonderful man. He taught me so much and was truly dedicated to his community and the ones he served with. Thx Greg for everything!" - Aaron Hulme

"Thank you Officer Filsinger! Wishing you a happy retirement. You are an inspiration to be looked up to for those who follow in your footstep. Empathy and compassion in your line of work is a blessing to see. You did it well!" - Sandra Hofmann

"Such a wonderful and courteous officer! Made me feel comfortable even when I was in trouble. Thank you sir for really being one of the good guys!" - Melissa Morgan


From all of us here at Townsquare Media, THANK YOU Officer Greg Filsinger for everything you did for the community of Estes Park!




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