There's no question, vinyl records are BACK in popularity. But, you don't have any. Bummer. Wait... How about a selection of 10,000 for less than a buck, each?

This is perfect. You can save a ton of money and build up your record collection. The money you save, you can go buy a record player!  That's funny, to me, because it's true. I have about 30 records left of the hundreds that I USED to have, back in the day; and no turntable to listen to them on.

On November 10, 2018, at Downtown Artery in Fort Collins, they'll be hosting a pop-up. A limited time shopping experience- 10,000 records priced at either 99 cents or 'Buy-One-Get-One.'

'Oh, they won't have what I'm looking for...' you say? Don't count on it. We're talking TEN THOUSAND RECORDS!  Bluegrass, Soundtracks, Hip Hop, Classic Rock, Comedy, etc, etc, etc, -- Virtually EVERY kind of genre will be represented!

The Catch? It's open for ONLY FIVE HOURS. 11 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Folks that are new to the area won't remember about The Finest Records and Tapes- they were at Campus West in the 80's, 90's, and used to have a 'Parking Lot Sale' every year. This feels a lot like that!

After this Vinyl Record Pop Up Blow Out, I, myself, will head over to Wal-Mart to try and find a turntable/receiver. Who knows? Maybe they'll have one on site!

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