I've looked at it on a map probably a zillion times, but my mind never figured it as a real place you can visit. New video shows the one point where you can really see where Wyoming, Colorado and Nebraska meet.

Many years ago, my family visited the Four Corners where Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah join. It's one of the most famous state junctions in the country. Not nearly as well known is the tri-state point of contact for Wyoming, Colorado and Nebraska. If you look at it on Google Maps, it looks innocent enough.

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View
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When you see the actual marker in real life, it's a bit more impactful as this new video share shows.

If you decide to check out this historic place, High Pointers gives helpful directions:

Leave Interstate 80 at exit #401 at Pine Bluffs, WY. Go N to 8th Street, then E on 8th Street for 0.6 mile to Beech Street. Go S on Beech 12 miles to the CO line. Turn E and drive 3/4 mile on a pasture road along the WY - CO border past a wind mill to the tri-State marker.

The guy that shared the video added a very important point that I agree with and encourage:

It is a good idea to walk along the fence line and be respectful of private property.

That's one reason why I'm always apprehensive to share locations like this where people live near. Hate to think of good people dealing with a lot of unnecessary traffic, but this is a point of origin unlike any other...where 3 states share a common point.

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