Cam Newton was trolled by some young football fans in Florida for his performance in Super Bowl 50.

Lately, the internet has been buzzing about where free-agent Cam Newton will play for the 2020 season. Odds makers over at say the top three teams that could take him are the Jaguars, Raiders or Chargers.

I thought, with Cam Newton in the news and Fathers Day on the brain, we should bring back a classic viral video. In this video, tweeted out back in 2018, we see Newton with his back turned to some young football fans at a Florida football camp. The kids are heckling him with questions like "Hey Cam, can I get a fumble?" and "What happened in the Super Bowl?"

However, the insult that set Newton off was when one of the boys took a jab at his performance in Super Bowl 50. The young man said "Did you tell Von Miller happy Fathers Day?" implying that Miller is Newtons "daddy" because of the beat down Denver gave Carolina in Super Bowl 50.

Source: Twitter

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