A horrifying story out of central Utah, as a young boy wanted to play with one of the neighbor's dogs, and while trying to get attention, got attacked.

It's just one of those incidents nobody could see coming. Denver7 has the story on how a 4-year-old boy in Layton, Utah was rushed to the hospital on Sunday after being bitten/attacked by one of his neighbor's Huskies.

Seems that the boy wanted to play, so he put a sock on his hand and reached his arm under the fence to get one of the dogs' attention. One of the dogs must have thought it was an animal, because it attacked the boy's hand and arm, ripping it from his body below the elbow.

I can't imagine the horror being felt by both families. To make it worse, the fire department that responded, could not find the boys hand and arm-  they believe the dog ate it.

Get more on the story from Denver7 HERE.

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