Let me begin by apologizing to the half a dozen drivers that I flashed my brights at this morning while driving to work (Including the police officer). This morning I brought my fiances car to work.  Every time I switched lanes I used my turn signal (like a good driver should), however, every single time I did I flashed the brights.  Why?  Because he turn signal/brights control on the steering console is super sensitive.  Not to mention its positioned funny.  Like it doesn't fit my finger length or something. Not to mention the brakes are touchier, so I jerked the car every time I went to stop.

I'm used to my car.  Everything is where I know it is and works the way I know it works.  The same for my golf clubs.  Any golfer knows, using a different set of clubs is like playing a different game.  I just know how my clubs work.  What are used to using and its "off" if you use a different one?

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