The story about a Colorado couple selling all of their possessions to buy a boat and sail the rest of their lives is nothing short of amazing. When you add the fact that everything sank two days after setting sail, the amazing story turns into tragedy and a national story.

Tanner Broadwell and his girlfriend Nikki Walsh from Breckenridge, Colorado, had everything they owned, except their 2 year-old Pug named Remy, sink into the waters of the Gulf, just outside of Tampa, Florida. Everything was gone. All they had was the dog, each other, and about $90. To revive their dream, they set up a GoFundMe page to raise the funds necessary to retrieve the boat, repair, and go on their way. At last check, that GoFundMe page had raised about $16,400.

This story made national news and piqued the interest of retired physician and boat owner, Mark Reineke. Behind his house sat a 36-foot sailboat that was going nowhere. Because of his age and declining health, Reineke has not been using the boat. Upon reading the story of Broadwell and Walsh, and thinking that the couple reminded him of he and his wife, he made what he considered to be a logical decision: "Let them have it". Reineke is selling his boat to the Colorado couple for $1 dollar.

Thanks to the immense generosity of a man they don't know, Broadwell and Walsh hope to regroup and resume their dream next week.

SOURCE: Fox News

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