Unexplained odors, doors opening and slamming out of nowhere, suspicious shadows...these are all regular occurrences at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley – which is actually ranked as one of the most haunted campuses in the entire country.

These types of spooky situations happen at UNC so frequently, that the school has a website telling students and faculty what kinds of things to expect from the on-campus spirits.

Some even claim there's a ghost story for nearly every building. According to Online Schools Center's 50 Most Haunted Colleges and Campuses, UNC falls ranks No. 7.

The most famous ghost on campus goes by the name of Edith, and is known to haunt the Wiebking and Wilson dorms. Although her story is still somewhat of a mystery, legend has it that Edith used to roll marbles across the floor in the attic, which is also where she hanged herself.

Today, students living in these dorms say they not only experience things like channels on their TV changing randomly or furniture moving when they're asleep, but also that they can hear sounds of something in the ceiling – believed to be Edith still playing with her marbles. Other residents claim to see strange shadows in their rooms too.

Stoney Ghosty is another spirit (with a very distinct smell) that still lingers on campus. Supposedly, Stoney is a former student who died from drugs and is said to now haunt Turner Hall, leaving the smell of burnt marijuana wherever he goes. The director of housing operations also has some spooky stories about this dorm, claiming that he's been alone in the building and heard doors slam with no explanation as to why - and he doesn't even believe in ghosts! Frasier Hall also experiences ghostly activity on a regular basis.

All the way from the basement, where sewing machines have been said to just turn on and start sewing by themselves, to the rest of the building where strange noises and cold drops in temperature occur. There's more than one ghost in this building, but they are reported to be mostly friendly.

Other strange happenings noted from around different buildings on UNC's campus are lights turning on and off, sounds of children whispering, and creaking and rattling noises with no explanation as to where they are coming from.

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