Have you seen something you couldn't quite identify? Many Coloradans have, and they've reported their sightings; it's good to get these onto the official record, in case the aliens decide to become more "identified."

In July of 2023, a House subcommittee heard some very unsettling testimony regarding what we (technically) used to call Unidentified Flying Objects.

Nowadays, we are asked/encouraged/nudged to refer to these as UAP: "Unidentified Anomalous (aerial) Phenomenons" -  things in the air, sea, and space that defy easy explanation.


The National UFO Reporting Center (will they be changing their name?) is where people go to log their sightings of "What the what?"  There, you can find sightings that have been recorded in Colorado.

By August of 2023, over 40 UFO/UAP sightings had been reported to the center. Most were about lights, some were about shapes. A few reports talked of being affected by the UFO/UAP.

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With that testimony heard at the House subcommittee hearing, it really does give a person the feeling that aliens have not only been to Earth, they are ON Earth, and they very well could be among us.


You could see Colorado as being a great place for aliens (UAP) to visit. They could dive into the deep lakes that we have; they could hide in the forests; they could hold up in the caves. Why not "swing by" Colorado for a stay?

Take a look at where the sightings were, and what the people saw.

2023 UFO Sightings in Colorado

In 2023, Coloradans reported well over 40 UFO (or UAP) sightings.

UFO Sightings in Colorado During 2022

The following images are courtesy of the National UFO Reporting Center. All images come from locations around Colorado for the calendar year 2022. The one exception would be a photo dated December 30, 2021.

Not all sightings reported to the National UFO Reporting Center include photos. Most do not. Of the photos shared, many are of low quality. The images shared here represent some of the better captures shared on the site.

MORE: Could This Be What ALL UFO Sightings in Colorado Are?

Colorado experiences what are known as Lenticular Cloud sightings frequently, which may be the explanation for all, or at least some, of the state’s UFO sightings.

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