Four people checked into a lodge located about an hour east of Grand Junction over the weekend. Two of the four perished in freezing water.

What sounds like what was to be an average outing for some Delta County residents, turned into tragedy on Island Lake outside of Cedaredge in the Grand Mesa National Forest.

According to FOX 31, four people checked into the Grand Mesa Lodge for a one-night stay on Saturday (February 2, 2019.)  There were three men and one woman. One of the men had asked about taking the snowcat that he'd brought along out onto the lake. He was advised that the snowcat was too heavy to be considered safe on the lake.

The next morning, nobody had checked out and nobody could be found. They did track down one of the men and the woman, but the two other men were not found. The snowcat had left a trail that the lodge had followed out to the lake where there was a big hole in the ice where the snowcat fell through.

By Monday afternoon, searchers had found and retrieved the men's bodies within the water by use of remotely operated search vehicle.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the men.

Get the full story from FOX31 HERE.

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