This coming weekend TRI 102.5 will be highlighting the greatest songs from those high school years between 1971 and 1990! No name tags required!

Reminder Class Reunion in calendar with pen

Actual class reunions can be a drag: Forced mingling, stuffy venues, embarrassing pictures from when you were 17 and name tags. Yuck.

How about a weekend where you just get reunited with those SONGS from when you graduated?  You had them cranked up in your room and in your car. You loved those songs! It’d be great to hear them again, right?

This weekend TRI 102.5 will be doing just that- bringing you those songs that were big the year that you graduated, with our ‘Class Reunion Weekend!

Be listening as we’ll be highlighting great songs from the classes of 1971 through 1989!  One hour might feature songs for the class of 1985, the next hour might feature songs for the class of 1972!

It starts at 1:00 Friday afternoon with Kama!

If you want to have people over and serve punch, that’s great- but not required!

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