You can now listen to TRI 102.5 on your Amazon Echo, Echo Dot or other devices that have Alexa!  'Alexa-- Play TRI 102.5!' Simple and easy.

Not sure on how to set that up? We can help!

Amazon Echo
Dave Jensen, TSM

It's great to be able to listen to TRI 102.5 on your Echo/Dot/Show/etc- it's SO easy to get Northern Colorado's Greatest Hits RIGHT when you want us! Alexa can do all those other things for you - give you the weather, answer questions... why NOT have her play your favorite radio station!

Here's how setup TRI 102.5 on your device:

      • If you haven't already, download the Alexa app for your Android or iPhone device.
      •  From the Main menu of the app, select 'Skills.'
      • Search for TRI 102.5 - it will look like this:
TRI 102.5 Skill
      • Then, tap 'Enable' to have our skill on your device.
      • Once enabled, all you have to do is say....

'Alexa, Play TRI 102.5!'

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