Back in February, I went to Grad Lake for my bachelor party.  It was a long drive.  Really long.  The main reason for this was Trail Ridge Road was still closed for the Winter, so we had to take the long way around.  Well, I want to go up to Grand Lake again; because the road is open now, and it won't take nearly as long to get there!

Trail Ridge Road, which connects Estes Park to Grand Lake, is the highest paved road in the country, with its highest point at 12,183 feet.  Usually, it isn't open this early in the year.

The road typically opens on Memorial Day. The earliest it opened was on May 7, 2002. Last year the road opened on May 14 in low snow conditions. The latest was June 26 in 1943.


Since there's still now in the mountains, the road will probably close at night for awhile.  Otherwise, enjoy taking this great shortcut into the heart of the mountains!