Finding time to head out and explore certain cities in Wyoming can be tough. There is actually a way that you could actually check out Wyoming, get a workout in and never even leave home. Crazy, right?

You may have a treadmill, bike or other modern piece of workout equipment that allows you to use a TV or video screen to help you trick your mind into making the workout fun. I've found an interesting YouTube Channel called "City Walks". If you have a workout routine that involves watching videos of certain trails, cities or countries this is a really cool tool.

"City Walks", it's a Virtual Treadmill walk that you can use for your workout and tour around different cities right here in Wyoming with your tour guide, Henry. Henry and his family sold their home in Montana a few years ago and setoff on a walkabout of Europe and eventually back here in the U.S. After getting decided that he would film these walks more regularly and help others enjoy all these different cities, without even having to go there.

I first learned of Henry earlier this year when I was researching more about Wyoming. The cool part of these videos, is that he just grabs a camera and walks around town. So before I ever moved to Casper, I felt that I'd been here because of taking a walking tour with Henry.

They're really interesting to watch and especially if you're trying to get lost in a workout. Casper, Cheyenne, Cody and Sheridan are just ones I've posted below for you to check out. Montana, Colorado, Utah, California, Oregon and Idaho are just a few of states he's done virtual walks.

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