Toto, the "Africa" and "Hold the Line" band is currently on their 40th Anniversary tour. That tour wraps up this Sunday in Philadelphia, and from the mouth of guitarist Steve Lukather, "I don’t know what the future-future’s gonna be, but I do know that’s gonna be the last show ... for the foreseeable future – and certainly the end of this configuration of Toto."

This is not the first time that Toto has called it quits, however. In 2008, the band went on hiatus after bassist Mike Pocaro was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's Disease. If you never had the opportunity to see Toto live, it may not be completely over, as Lukather did leave the door open by saying “I can’t predict the future. I’m not saying I’m never gonna play this music again. That would be stupid to say; that would be a lie.”

Between the lawsuits that have plagued the band lately, mixed with the over 225 days a year on the road and away from family, the band was ready to take an extended break. So, come October 20th, Toto, at least this version of the band, will be no more. Can I recommend taking a vacation? Maybe to.... never mind.

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