You can't really expect to get too far when you've absconded with someone's home, even if it is a tiny home. While it's still uncertain what their "overall" scheme was about, but these three guys just could not quite pull it off.

The story involves "Reno," though it's not that Reno. I'm sure many Coloradans, like myself, didn't know that there is a county in Kanas known a Reno County, but it's a bit west of Wichita.


According to KDVR, the alleged suspects in this theft took the house, along with a Bobcat and a trailer that they'd also allegedly stolen to Coolidge, Kansas. Kansas authorities had been tipped off by the Colorado State Patrol after the owner of the tiny home had contacted them. It's unclear how the tiny home's owner knew that the alleged thieves would be headed to Coolidge.

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Gracie's Cafe (above) is not far from where sheriff deputies found the home, along with the suspects. Maybe they had stopped down to get some food; crime can make a person hungry.


The tiny home, in which the owner does not actually live in, resides on a farm in Otero County, which is southeast of Pueblo; La Junta is the biggest city in the area. Coolidge is just east of the Colorado border, within Kamas. Maybe the suspects made it across the state line and felt they need a break; crime can be stressful.


Apparently, the alleged suspects were found trying to put lights on the tiny home, which is valued at about $9,000. Nothing says, "nothing to see here, officers," than putting lights on a tiny home that you're towing.

Hamilton County Sheriff's Office

KDVR reports that the tiny home's owner will be getting the home back.

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