That's high praise: The MOST  important food innovation. Nope. It is not Rocky Mountain Oysters. Say, what?

Innovation. Doing a given thing, differently. A breakthrough. A 'Wow, who'd have thought of that?' We get it. Applying the term to food seems... innovative.

Anyhow, Thrillist is out with a new list of the most IMPORTANT food innovations from every state.   Like we're curing cancer by curing pork. I digress..

According to Thrillist, Colorado's CHIPOTLE MEXICAN GRILL is the MOST IMPORTANT food innovation.

Until Thrillist spelled it out for me, I didn't get it. It's a burrito place, right?

Wait.  Here's why: These guys, 25 years ago in Denver, are the ones who STARTED the 'assembly line' way of preparing your burrito/dish. Sure, you see EVERYBODY doing it that way now...Because of Chipotle. Doing a certain thing [making burritos] different. Innovative. Boom.

Congrats, Amigos!

See what other foods Thrillist chose HERE!

Rocky Mountain Oysters would be on a list of 'Most tasty but feared foods across the U.S.'

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