In the last 30 days - as always - the Larimer County Department of Health has been busy making their rounds conducting routine inspections of restaurants, schools, and other establishments where sanitary standards are of utmost importance.

And in the last 30 days, there's another new batch of restaurants who have failed to earn a "passing" grade during their routine inspection.

As a reminder, the health department has done away with the old grading system and now rates establishments only as a pass or "re-inspection required" if the business acquires too many points for violations. In rare cases, restaurants that rack up too many violations can be closed on the spot until their infractions are corrected.

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First, the good news. Several popular restaurants across Larimer County passed with flying colors. Favorites like Illegal Pete's, Taste of Philly, Big City Burrito, Red Robin, Firehouse Subs, and dozens more have earned a passing grade in the last month.

The bad news is three Fort Collins restaurants did not, earning a "re-inspection required" rating instead, for a variety of infractions.

The first was BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse on Harmony Rd. Their infractions were centered mostly around the food prep technique, with details in the report such as, "Line cook observed placing a raw beef patty onto the flat top and continued to prepare ready to eat foods without first doffing his gloves and washing his hands." Additionally, improperly marked dates, food that had past its expiration date, and storing food at inadequate temperatures earned violations, warranting a re-inspection.

The other two places not earning passing grades were similarly dinged for their food storage issues and not keeping things at the correct temperature - a very common infraction on these reports. Saigon Grill and Tortillas Las 4 Americas - both on College Ave. - earned "re-inspection required" grades.

You can check out all of the recent restaurant inspections on the Larimer County Department of Health website.

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