In the land of craft beer, where does light beer stand when it comes to Colorado? You might actually be a bit surprised to find out that Coors Light, brewed in Golden, is not the top dog when it comes to domestic macro light beers.

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According to a survey done by GrillCookBake, Coloradans prefer Bud Light. Craft beer fans will let out a sigh of relief when it comes to the breakdown of the questionnaire when it comes to Colorado though. 23 percent of those surveyed in the state say that they would never drink any of the macro beers on the list.

Here is the breakdown of the preference of choices for light beer in Colorado:

  • Bud Light - 20%
  • Busch Light - 0%
  • Coors Light - 19%
  • Keystone Light - 11%
  • Michelob Ultra - 13%
  • Miller Lite - 8%
  • Natural "Natty" Light - 2%
  • Yuengling Light - 5%

GrillCookBake surveyed 3,950 Americans in May 2020. These results show what Coloradoans prefer. If you would like to see all 50 states, you can see the data HERE.

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Source: GrillCookBake

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