In 2016, Colorado State University tore down their 48-year-old stadium, which sat on 165 acres and, in January, agreed to sell it to developer Lennar Homes.

The adjacent Aggie Greens Disc Golf Course has since become a hot spot for sledding. According to the Coloradoan, Lennar Homes planned on building 600 to 700 single-family homes where the stadium once stood, ranging from 1,300 to 3,000 square feet.

However, the Fort Collins City Council recently made a zoning decision that could completely change Lennar Homes' plans for the lot.

Last week, the developer declined to comment on whether the original plan was still in motion. However, their original design review stated that they would keep the disc golf course "but reconfigure it to better fit in with the community".

So, is our favorite sledding hill here to stay? It's too soon to tell, but stop by Aggie Greens for some sledding this winter, just in case.

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