This time of year, there is ice fishing and there is ICE FISHING. This new video is that second one as a dude has taken one of our favorite pastimes to a brand new most excellent level.

I should begin with a disclaimer. Don't do this. Ever. Unless you really want to see what drowning is like. Now that I have that out of the way, let's get to the good stuff. I don't think there's a better way to explain what you're about to witness than the story out of the person's own mouth that captured the video. Here's a little backstory they provided:

After fishing for hours in the cold early February on the Arkansas river I traded kid duties with Cade so he could fish by himself too. I was taking the kids back to the truck when we heard yelling. Thinking Cade had hooked up on a large trout we ran back around the river bend to see him sailing down the river on an enormous sheet of ice.

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This is Cade doing something that apparently only Cade would attempt.

Did I mention this happened near Salida, Colorado? The fact that this is from our free-thinking friends in Colorado should explain a lot.

Silly me thought that ice fishing was trying to catch fish through a hole in the ice just like Wikipedia defines it. It's obvious that we were both wrong as what Cade is doing looks like a lot more fun.

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