Here's what I noticed during that epic Shakira and JLo performance.

JLo's daughter Emme:

  • Emme led the children's choir during Let's Get Loud" and Springsteen's "Born in the USA"

Bi-lingual Superbowl

  • Latina fire! With a country divided, the Superbowl was the perfect platform to remind Americans that we are better together, could you feel the love?

Shakira changed her lyrics:

  • Shakira swapped out the lyrics to “I Like It” from “a ti te quiero mi amor” (I love you, my love) to “en Barranquilla me quedo yo” (I’ll stay in Barranquilla), a wink to her hometown.

JLo got political

  • During "Born in the USA" kids were sitting in lit-up cages, bringing shame to Trump's immigration policy.
  • JLo has been very outspoken about the slow aid for Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, which left parts of the island without electricity for almost a year following the storm. JLo added the Puerto Rican flag to her costume.

Kobe Bryant tribute

  • When the children's choir sang,  "Let's Get Loud" an overhead shot of the field showed a giant cross, which lit up in purple and yellow, the colors of the Los Angeles Lakers.
  •  Bad Bunny, who performed with Shakira and Lopez for part of the halftime show, released a song in Bryant's memory last week, titled "6 Rings."

Female stereotypes

  • JLo and Shakira brought the girl power and slashed the idea that women have to be competitive with each other. They also brought awareness to agesim in society as the two middle-aged women wore what they wanted and undeniably crushed their performance.
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