Ever lost your luggage on a flight? It's just about the worst flight experience ever to arrive at your destination without clothes or even a toothbrush. 

Upgraded Points reviewed consumer complaints across commercial airlines to see who's most likely to alter your travel plans.

  • Hawaiian Airlines is the most likely airline to get you to your destination on time, with 86.5% of their flights arriving within the promised time frame.
  • Delta was the least likely to have canceled flights
  • Express Jet has the highest percentage of canceled flights.
  • Envoy Air had the highest average number of bags per 1,000 that were delayed, lost, diverted, or damaged in any way throughout the journey.
  • Sprint and Frontier tied for the highest average complaints per 10,000 passengers; no surprise there.

After reviewing all the stats, it looks like Hawaiian Airlines offers the best flight experience by a landslide.

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