When I opened my Colorado ballot, it was easy to see that there a lot of people wanting to be President. 21 candidates. Wait. One is... Phil Collins?

Though the musician Phil Collins would make for a fun President, don't fill in that circle before you know that it isn't THAT Phil Collins. First off, Phil was not born in the U.S, that's a dead giveaway that you're thinking of the wrong person.

The Phil Collins running for President is from the Prohibition Party. He's 53, a NAVY Veteran, and lives in Nevada and ran for Mayor of Las Vegas in 2019 coming in second out of seven candidates.

Phil is also the Chairman of the Prohibition Party, the party's 25th chairman since its creation in 1869.

It's hard to find a good picture of this Phil Collins, but you can see him in this interview, in which he states that he's running to let people know about the harmful effects of alcohol:

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