Yes, it's true, there will not be a parade for St. Patrick's Day in Fort Collins this year. That does not mean you won't be able to see one, though.

However, you can still get out and enjoy a St. Paddy's Day parade- in Greeley.

It'll be a part of their annual 'Blarney on the Block' event on the 9th Street Plaza. They'll be plenty of folks dressed in kilts and such and a great Irish pipe and drum band - The Northern Colorado Caledonia Pipe and Drum Band

Ever felt like being PART of the parade? This one is your chance- you are more than welcome to join in. The best part to me is that the parade starts at 2:30 in the afternoon. No having to get up super early to enjoy this parade. Boom.

Find out more about the parade and the Blarney on the Block festivities from Downtown Greeley HERE.


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