There was a risk, however big or small, that the Stampede would be without an alcohol permit during this year's festivities. It took a trip to a special events permit hearing this past Thursday to get the stamp of approval.

At issue are what The Tribune call "repeated liquor law violations going back to 2006. The Tribune reported that the Stampede has "apparently violated six state laws, regulations or municipal codes, according to the January 2018 summary of a Greeley Police Department investigation."

Two nonprofits, The Greeley Stampede Riders and The Wranglers Inc, claim the Stampede bought alcohol at wholesale and sold it at mark-up to the nonprofits working concession booths.

Municipal Court Judge Mark Gonzales granted the permits for this year citing that the Stampede has taken the necessary steps to prevent these violations from happening again. He also reminded the Stampede legal council that "there's going to be a sharp eye" on the Stampede moving forward.

According to The Tribune, the Stampede brought in $6.4 million in revenue in 2017 and about $1 million from alcohol and beverage sales. This year's Stampede will kick-off June 22nd.

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