Several years ago, the only facility in Northern Colorado that provided care to non-raptor wildlife opted to discontinue their services. In the time since, nearly 6,000 animals have been left untreated. Following the former facility's closure, a group of local professionals have been trying to get another wildlife rehabilitation center up and running in the community, but they could really use our help.

Although it's not currently accepting animals, volunteers with the Northern Colorado Wildlife Center have lent their services in the area, helping to rescue a variety of animals in need. The Northern Colorado Wildlife Center is an amazing 501(c)3 independent, non-profit who's mission is not only to rehabilitate sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife, and release those animals back into their natural habitats, but to also educate the public about coexisting with wildlife, while promoting and advocating preservation/restoration so that these animals can live and thrive.

The former facility was taking in nearly 2,000 each year, and while the Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Longmont has helped by welcoming in some animals from the region during this time, their obligation is legally to Boulder County, and thus they have not been able to take in all the animals in need from Northern Colorado. So, the staff at the new Northern Colorado Wildlife Center is asking for the public's help in the form of tax deductible donations, or by simply sharing the video above. The funding that's raised will go towards things like purchasing property, zoning and planning, as well as for educational and rehabilitation materials. You can follow the Northern Colorado Wildlife Center's progress and learn more about animals in our area on their Instagram and Facebook pages.

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