Like light beer? Like pickles? Why not combine the two? This is the latest trend in beer. It may seem like an odd combination, but people are saying that the combo works well together.


Drinkers of the concoction are saying that it makes the light beer less pungent and takes away the "bite" of the beer. The longer you leave the pickle in the beer, the more the beer takes on the pickle flavor. However, my main objection to leaving the pickle in the beer longer is that the beer gets warm. Usually, when I am drinking a light beer, it is because it is hot, and let's face it, light beer is the best ice cold.

I may have to do a beer run tonight and pick up a jar of pickles just to give this latest trend a whirl after I am finished mowing the lawn. What about you? Would you consider plopping a pickle into your light beer to see what it is like?

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Source: SimpleMost

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