Whether you're looking to couple up forever or just for the night, Tinder's one place to start. In 2016, people with these names were swiped right on the most.

Tinder recently revealed which names received the most right swipes this year in various countries. In the United States, these were the top 10 names for men and women:

10. Andrew/Sara
9. Adam/Anna
8. Ben/Katie
7. Justin/Samantha
6. Brandon/Rachel
5. Josh/Emily
4. Nick/Julia
3. Matthew/Lauren
2. Ryan/Emma
1. Lucas/Hannah

If your name wasn't on the list in the United States, no worries. You might find your name like I found mine (Mollie) on another country's list of most swiped right names. Here are 2016's top 10 in the United Kingdom.

10. Liam/Mollie
9. Archie/Jade
8. Ethan/Phoebe
7. Muhammed/Ella
6. William/Millie
5. Jack/Olivia
4. Leo/Maisie
3. Thomas/Grace
2. Jay/Holly
1. Harry/Amelia

Still haven't found your name, Jasper? This year held hope for you in Australia.

10. Liam/Abbey
9. Jackson/Kiara
8. Kye/Paris
7. Fernando/Maddy
6. Harrison/Tayla
5. Finn/India
4. Jasper/Jodi
3. Luke/Montana
2. Ollie/Madison
1. Chris/Samantha