Binge-watching is still a relatively new thing in our lives. The advances made with the DVR and the upsurge in subscription based providers have allowed us to keep that story line going non-stop and without commercial interruption. How painful it was to be left hanging each week and suffering a full week until the next offering. Not any more. Some shows, like House of Cards, have all episodes of a season released at once. This situation was made for binge-watching.

But it's not always the new shows that get the long-form viewing. Some of the most popular shows are the older ones. With Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and others offering access to the older shows, and even though they have already been viewed before, these older shows still have a shelf-life. I'm currently viewing Arrested Development from season 1 to current. I've seen them before, but it's been a while. Other shows like The Office, 13 Reasons Why, and Grey's Anatomy are among the more popular across the country. So, what's the number 1 most binge-watched show for Colorado?


Supernatural. It's been on the CW network for 13 seasons and tells the story of Sam and Dean chasing down their mother's supernatural killer. 13 seasons means a big time binge session for sure.

What about our friends in Wyoming? Same answer: Supernatural.

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