According to Fort Collins Police, break-ins in Fort Collins are up over 20% from 2019, especially in these 'choice' places in the Choice City.

The Coloradoan has the story on how there have been over 270 'vehicle trespass' [theft/break-in] cases in Fort Collins from the beginning of the year through June 15. Here are the places where you should look out, and be even more diligent

West of CSU

Between Shields and Taft Hill and between Mulberry and Prospect. That area has seen just under 30 incidents so far, this year. There's lots of student housing and rentals in the area.


Between Harmony and Horsetooth, reaching out about a mile to the east and west of College has seen 24 incidents.

The Area Around Rocky Mountain High School

There have been 20 incidents so far in 2019 near Rocky, but the REAL hot spot is a little west of Rossborough Park.

Old Town

Between Laurel and Maple, and between Whitcomb and Whedbee has seen 19 incidents. You'd think that the Old Town bar scene would have a lot, but they've only seen six, but Moutain Avenue has seen 16.

The 'Woodward' Area

This is a pretty big area: From College to Drake and Prospect to Lemay. This area also has seen 19 incidents so far, this year.

Trailheads and Parks

There were a lot of break-ins last year at a lot of the trailheads and parks, but after some arrests and signage, that number has significantly decreased to about nine.

Fort Collins Police give you a few simple things that can do to protect your car/belongings:

  • Park in a well-lit area.
  • Lock your car doors and windows
  • If you have to leave valuables in the car, put them out of sight- like in the trunk.
  • Make sure you have your keys
  • Get an anti-theft device, like 'The Club'

Get more on the statistics from The Coloradoan HERE.

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