Gas might not be going for as much as $5 a gallon right now (thank goodness), but it is back on the rise.

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The Average Price Of Gas In The U.S.

According to AAA, the average price for gas in the U.S., as of Monday, Sept. 26, is about $3.72. For mid-grade fuel and higher, the national average price for gas still remains over $4.

  • Mid-Grade - $4.15
  • Premium - $4.47
  • Diesel - $4.89
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vs. The Average Price Of Gas In Colorado

In Colorado, the average price of gas as of Monday, Sept. 26 stands about two cents higher than the national average, at $3.74. 

Compared to last week's average price for gas in the state, gas today has gone up nearly ten cents. Compared to the national average from a year ago at this time, gas prices are up nearly 20 cents.

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Looking At The Numbers 

  • Yesterday's Average Price: $3.74
  • Last Week's Average Price: $3.66
  • Last Month's Average Price: $3.84
  • Last Year's Average Price: $3.55

AAA says although gasoline demand has decreased, tight supply and fluctuating oil prices have increased the national average price.

In addition, the effects of natural disasters, like Hurricane Ian, could potentially disrupt major gas lines.

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“Slack demand and lower oil prices should take some pressure off rising gas prices,” said AAA spokesperson, Andrew Gross.

“But Hurricane Ian could cause problems, depending on the storm’s track, by disrupting oil production in the Gulf of Mexico and impacting large coastal refineries.”

The Cheapest Gas In Colorado

According to GasBuddy, the cheapest gas in the state happens to be right here in Northern Colorado (as of Monday, Sept. 26).

Check out the ten gas stations selling the cheapest gas in the state - because who wouldn't want to save some money at the pump?

  1. Sinclair – Evans: $3.17
  2. Phillips 66 – Fort Lupton: $3.27
  3. Murphy Express - Aurora: $3.28
  4. 7-Eleven– Greeley: $3.28
  5. Conoco/7-Eleven – Aurora: $3.28
  6. Sam’s Club – Evans: $3.29
  7. QuikTrip – Firestone: $3.30
  8. Circle K– Lakewood: $3.35
  9. Phillips 66 - Longmont: $3.35

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