One of the best perks of living in Colorado is the ability to get into the mountains for some fresh, clean air. You can add some excitement to your mountain adventures if you have a Jeep or 4x4 that is capable of going on one of the many off-road trails in the state.

Matt Sparx/TSM
Matt Sparx/TSM

There are a handful of great off-road trails in Northern Colorado that are just a short drive away. gives you great insight on these trails and how to get to them.

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These Are The Best Off-Road Trails in Northern Colorado

Some of these off-road trails will be fairly easy and accessible to stock 4x4 vehicles. Other trails on this list are going to be more difficult. These trails will require some modifications such as suspension lifts, larger tires, etc. to be able to complete.

Old Flowers Road

Old Flowers Road is labeled an easy trail.  The trail is approximately 11.8 miles long from point to point. Old Flowers Raod would be considered a great beginner trail for those with a Jeep Wrangler or a more capable 4x4.

Moody Hill

Moody Hill is labeled as a moderate trail. Moody Hill is an out and back type of trail with a length of approximately 18.5 miles. Comments on All Trails say that there are a lot of challenges on the trail to test your abilities.

Seven Mile Creek

Seven Mile Creek is a moderate trail and you might have guessed it, approximately 7 miles in length. Comments noted that there is a decent amount of OHVs in the area during the summer months.

Storm Mountain

Matt Sparx
Matt Sparx

Storm Mountain is a moderate trail. From personal experience, you may need a lifted 4x4 to gain access to the area. Vehicles such as a Toyota Tacoma or Jeep Wrangler could overcome some of the obstacles on the trails. However, the newer model Jeep Grand Cherokees with 4x4 capabilities without a lift kit could sustain minor damage attempting to pass a part of the trail. I only say this from personal experience as we were on the trail a couple of years ago and someone in a Grand Cherokee could not pass the rocky area near the campsites.

Middle St. Vrain Trail

Middle St. Vrain Trail is a moderate 6.2-mile trail that starts at Camp Dick. Upon entering the trail, it gets rocky quite quickly. A modified 4x4 is suggested for this trail.

Coney Flats

Coney Flats is a moderate trail with a pretty great water crossing. The out and back trail is approximately 9.5 miles long. The views are great on this trail and when it is done, you will come out at Beaver Reservoir near Ward.

Kelly Flats

Kelly Flats is labeled at a hard trail. It's regarded as a hard-core trail in Northern Colorado. The total length of the is approximately 10.2 miles and is a point-to-point trail. Two of the notable obstacles are known as the Chutes and Heart Attack Hill.

If you want to check out more trails in Northern Colorado, you can see more on All Trails.

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