Teacher Tuesday took a different turn this past week as we visited Milliken Elementary. Each week we celebrate and honor one teacher from one of many schools in Northern Colorado with free pizza for a year at Old Chicago's, $50 gift cards from Rodizio Grill or the Melting Pot, free flowers from Earle's Flowers and Gifts, and one free game of bowling to all the kids in the classroom from Chippers Lanes. Our visit to Milliken Elementary was different from the norm.

Jackson is a 5th grade student at Milliken Elementary and wanted to more than just nominate one of his teachers. He nominated all of the teachers, one from each grade during his career there. His mother wrote to us about Jackson's experience and how grateful he was for each one of them.So, we had to make some adjustments, but we made sure, with Jackson's help, that we honored all of his teachers.

One other change was the presentation. Usually it happens in a classroom with the teacher and his/her students. At Milliken, they do things big! The presentation happened in the gym with ALL of the students. The administration also invited family members of the honored teachers to be there. It was truly a special day for all involved.

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