I had the pleasure of visiting HMS Richards Adventist School this week to present our Teacher Tuesday award to Leah Anderson. The address said it was in Loveland, but all the signs surrounding the school, including the school's football field scoreboard said "Campion". I asked the Elementary School Principal if they are in Loveland or Campion. She said with a smile, "yes".

When I arrived, there were a bunch of kids playing in the gym. There was a significant amount of snow on the ground and it was quite cold outside at the time, so it made sense they would be burning their energy inside. However, I was told we would have to pull Leah's students out of recess for the presentation in the classroom. I felt at that point I had lost any hope of winning them over. I mean, c'mon! Cutting their recess time short? I would be as popular as homework.

After the kids arrived and sat in their seat, Leah looked at me with intense focus and bewilderment. She had no idea what was going on. It was at that point that I announced to her 3rd and 4th grade class that she had received the honor of our "Teacher Tuesday" award and that she is receiving:

This was met with cheers and hand clapping from the kids. They were genuinely happy for their teacher. But then I announced that they all were getting a FREE GAME OF BOWLING FROM CHIPPERS LANES! The reaction was awesome and pretended that it was all for me. It wasn't. They were all looking at their teacher, Leah Anderson, with much pride and happiness.

This year’s Teacher Tuesday is brought to you by Tutoring Club, with locations in Fort Collins, Loveland, and Longmont.

Congrats to Leah for a job well done and for winning this week's Teacher Tuesday.


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