When the working day is done...

I found it difficult to take Cyndi Lauper very seriously when she was dominating MTV air and the chartsin the 1980's. She just seemed so gimmicky. I didn't understand what it meant to be a pop artist, and her work reminded me of commercials. Plus, she was a huge part of the Goonies marketing campaign, and somehow mixed in the world of pro wrestling, which was monstrous at the time.

She was everywhere when this song was new.

How she found her way to the WWF(now WWE) is beyond me, but cross-promote they did. That lead to the appearance the great Captain Lou Albano in this video, and others.

He's the hairy guy in the wife beater.

The thing is, Cyndi's voice is a gift, and it is a gift she learned how to use. She is a great singer, and it's demonstrated on this track.

It's always a Friday favorite, but today it's our feature for Throwback Thursday.