When you are in another Colorado town and see a brilliant idea, you immediately want that idea to spread across the state. We have a great idea for Fort Collins.

This doughnut shop actually has 20 locations across the country; I don't know why I haven't heard of them before. One thing is certain, Fort Collins needs this one.

I was in Parker, Colorado recently for a birthday party for one of my cousins. When we were pulling into the shopping area where the bar was located, I spotted the shop and was immediately hooked. The Hurts Donut Company.

Of course, we all remember that bad joke your brother or sister would lay on you:

Wanna Hertz donut?


Then, BAM! You'd get socked right in the shoulder.

Hurts, don't it?

Ya. Jerk.

Then, it hit me like a four day old doughnut: Fort Collins should get one!  I recently interviewed Dennis Cortese, the man behind Debbie Duz Donuts, which existed in Fort Collins in the late '80's. It had topless waitresses serving coffee, doughnuts and other items.

With all the scrutiny endured over its one-year operation, there remains a lot of love for Dennis. My idea would take that Fort Collins love for Dennis, the nation's love of doughnuts and the memory of Debbie Duz Donuts and put them together.

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I can see/hear the press release about it now:

Back for More- Former Debbie Duz Donuts Owner Brings Legit Doughnut Shop to Fort Collins

A fun name, a fun guy. People would flock to his location. Knowing Dennis, he would find a way to sell some memorabilia from the old place.

I did reach out to Dennis to see what he thought of the idea; he said that though he did think it was a great idea, at 75, he's too old to take on that kind of operation.

Hurts, don't it?

It Really Happened: Take a Look at Debbie Duz Donuts

For those not familiar, Debbie Duz Donuts opened in the summer of 1989 as a coffee/doughnut shop where the waitresses went topless. The shop closed after one year of controversy and international attention.

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