Power Outage

Greeley Power Outage Affects Almost 19,000 Today
If you live in Greeley, you might have noticed you were without power for about a half an hour today.
Approximately 19,000 Greeley residents lost power today (January 16) due to a transmission line problem in a few substations just south of Greeley
17,000+ Homes Without Power In Greeley Evans and Garden City
Well, this certainly isn't welcome news for thousands of people in the Greeley area. We're all bracing for the "Siberian freeze" heading our way and according to the Greeley Tribune, there is a power outage affecting around 17,000 residences across Greeley, Evans and Garden City.
Heavy Snow Causes Northern Colorado Power Outage
Heavy snow means two things today: heavy in amount and due to high moisture content, heavy in weight. Some power outages have been caused throughout the Poudre Valley REA 2,000 square mile service territory affecting approximately 5,000 PVREA consumers.