This must be a trick, because Colorado's favorite Halloween candy is definitely not a treat.

Zippia recently analyzed Google trends to determine the preferred Halloween candy in each U.S. state, and Colorado's top pick is probably the scariest thing you'll read this spooky season.

While the majority of states favor normal candies like Kit Kats or Nerds, Colorado's treat of choice is so vulgar that I wouldn't classify it as candy at all. In fact, if I had received this so-called treat in my Halloween bag as a child, I would have attempted to pass it off to my unknowing little sister immediately.

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But alas, it's true. Colorado's favorite Halloween candy is...Black. Licorice. 

To the Coloradans searching for this atrocity: what is wrong with you? Have you had real candy before? Does Colorado have a secret population of elderly people who are going trick-or-treating?

I say this because the only person I knew who genuinely enjoyed the taste of black licorice was my grandfather. I am happy that it brought him joy, but it also turned his tongue black (does MGK like black licorice?) and smelled gross.

Perhaps I am being a bit dramatic. But, c'mon — even Florida's favorite Halloween candy is more normal than ours (they like Jolly Ranchers) and their state has its own meme.

*steps off soapbox* All right, I digress. If you are a Coloradan who likes black licorice, I hope that you thoroughly enjoy it this Halloween season. And I guess I can't be too judgy...candy corn is good and I will die on that hill.

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