As we honor those who have fought for our country to protect our freedoms, we tend to forget the families that our men and women leave behind for America.

Some of our soldiers leave wives and children behind as they work to protect them from the evils that exist halfway across the world.

While many others have parents and siblings waiting for their long awaited return home.

However, when these men and women return home after being away for months and sometimes even years at a time, the emotions they have when they see their families for the first time are one that will be etched in your memory for quite a long time.

With the help of Youtube, we are able to relive these moments as they have been caught on tape and we're able to see these reunions play out right in front of our eyes.

Here are five surprise reunions that have been seen by many over the past two years, and you'll want to have the tissues close by as the emotions you'll feel will be felt by many in the room.


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