Just be glad these big wolves weren't coming after you. A new video shows a snowmobiler who grabbed his phone and captured video when he saw two wolves running past him trying to chase down a coyote.

Based on the video description, I believe this happened recently somewhere in Ontario, Canada.

I first saw this video shared by Sootoday.com. It was a bit of a surprise as I don't automatically think of wolves and coyotes as a common enemy, but it makes sense.

This topic was explored on Quora a few years ago. Someone who visits Yellowstone frequently asked the question about whether wolves hunting coyotes is common. The most helpful answer included this viewpoint:

For the most part wolves don't go after coyotes unless they cross the line from a territory or kill perspective.

The share includes that coyotes tend to pay attention to wolf pack locations to avoid conflicts like this. They also mentioned that coyotes will sometimes shadow a wolf pack and move in on kills after the wolves have had their fill.

It's more proof that we do live in a dog-eat-dog world even when it comes to wildlife.

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