It happened three years ago at Taste of Fort Collins. The band Smash Mouth was on stage when slices of bread were thrown in their general direction. On stage, more accurately. This did not sit well with lead singer Steve Harwell who launched into an obscenity laced tirade complete with physical threats to anyone who dared to throw something at him. It made the news and all forms of social media.


Smash Mouth has only made one appearance in Colorado since the bread throwing incident in 2014. They played the Mesa Theater in Grand Junction last August. As luck would have it, they are coming back to Colorado on September 1st for yet another Taste event....The Taste of Colorado at the Civic Center in Denver. This will be an interesting mix of music and food for the band who did not fare well the last time they tried it. If all goes well and there's no bread thrown, they might make it to the encore. The fans who were there for the 2014 weren't so lucky. However, his tirade might have been more entertaining.

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