Have you ever heard of Shock and Claus?

It's where you get a group of friends together for a meal around the holidays, each vowing to tip $100.

Tom Schachet, the principal for Poudre School District Mountain schools, coordinated his third Shock and Claus yesterday at Butters in Fort Collins.

Schachet told the Coloradoan, "We just hope to make someone's holiday a bit easier," he said. "I picture someone being able to do something extra, take a little vacation or buy some new gifts." He asked some friends to join in and "Everyone jumped on," he said.

According to the Coloradoan, the tip went to server and manager Lucia Morales, who decided to split the $1,100 gesture with her staff of 12.

At the end of the meal she was left with a Christmas card that read, "We hope this makes your holiday season extra special! Shock & Claus 2019," accompanied by $1,100 in cash.

After opening it the staff was stunned and then started to cheer, yelling "thank you" as the generous diners exited the restaurant.

Morales split the money 12 ways, leaving each employee with $91, which also included the cooks and everyone in 'back of house'.

Morales told the Coloradoan that she will use the money to buy her 3-year-old daughter a Christmas present.

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