There's been a lot of talk about whether Jennifer Lopez will be returning as a judge on American Idol. After all she's planning on working on her film and recording career, as well as spending time with her twins.

So who would replace her?


With only one season of ‘American Idol‘ under her belt, rumors have been circulating that judge Jennifer Lopez is already considering leaving the show. So, now the question on everybody’s mind is: If J. Lo leaves, who will be the sexy songstress to fill the seat between Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson? Some publications (PopEater, Examiner) are reporting that Shakira or Shania Twain are in talks to replace Mrs. Marc Anthony.

We think Shakira would be a great fit for the position, considering her international stardom and the amazing stage presence she exudes while performing. However, Twain would be a good pick too, since she has been in the music business nearly two decades now. She is also a successful crossover, with singles like ‘Man! I Feel Like a Woman’ and ‘You’re Still the One’ appealing to country and pop fans alike.

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