A school district in Indiana is packaging up left over lunch food and sending it home with students.  This is one of the best ideas I have seen and heard of in a long long time.  Although our food was very basic and inexpensive, I was fortunate to never go hungry.  The same can not be said for millions of kids across the country.  According to WSBT News, THe Elkhart School District around South Bend, IN is taking left over lunch food, packaging it up and sending it home with students who may be going hungry. A lot of students will get breakfast and lunch during school hours, but so many may not get dinner or eat at all on the weekends.

I actually lived in South Bend for a little bit.  Many years ago my radio adventures had me hosting a morning show at a radio station there.  While South Bend itself (home of the University of Notre Dame) is a nice town.  The surrounding areas are very rural and not over flowing with families with a lot of money.  I think this is an amazing idea, and should be implemented every where.  I'd be happy to work with any school district in NoCo that would like to implement this program.

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