It's 'Hard Earned Money' versus 'Easy Money' where you want to be the winner, but end up on the losing side. Here are ways to save your money and embarrassment.

The pandemic has kept you in for over a year; you've gotten to know every square inch of it and now you're ready to make some upgrades with tax return or stimulus money. Before you hire someone to do the job, invest a little time to help protect your bank account and your sanity.

A Plan Goes a Long Way.

Take time to plan out the project. Avoid rushing into it; maybe you don't need outside help, but be sure of what you want before calling in backup.

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What's it going to cost?

Get 2-3 estimates. Again, take your time. Also, review their estimates thoroughly and bring up any questions you may have about what they're charging you for - it's YOUR money.

Double-Check & Verify.

Verify. You've chosen which contractor you want to go with, now take the extra time to check out that the contractor is licensed to do the job and has insurance- that could save you, big time.

Keep your wallet in your pocket.

Don't make any payments upfront. Too many times, crooked contractors have taken the money and not done any work. Then, you spend even more money fighting them in court.

Sign off on the work, first.

Only make the final payment when you are satisfied with the job done. Again, it's about taking the extra time to look over everything. It'll be much harder to get a hold of the contractor once you've let them go..with your money.

If you do run into a situation where you've been ripped off by a contractor, contact the Colorado Attorney General's Office of Consumer Protection.


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