Many parents know that this is the fail safe location for kids birthday parties. It has it all: pizza, games, entertainment, space, and at some locations, beer for the stressed adults. According to a story in The Coloradoan, the Chuck E Cheese location at Prospect and College may be replaced with a six-story, 149-room hotel in the very near future.

The Coloradoan reported that the lease to the building expires in November of 2019 and that the property owner, Les Kaplan, is teaming up with local development consultant, Stu MacMillan, and Saunders Commercial Development to develop a hotel that would replace both Chuck E Cheese and Fort Collins Furniture and Mattress. MacMillan was a part of the development of the new Elizabeth Hotel in downtown Fort Collins - the only 5-star hotel in Fort Collins.

The plan is still in the developmental stage as there is a meeting with City planners next week to talk about the project. If all goes well, construction isn't expected until the lease expires late next year and after the building is torn down. The finished product would have middle of the year 2021 target.

Both Chuck E Cheese and Fort Collins Furniture and Mattress have until the end of the lease to find new locations.

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